7 Steps to Obtain Your NRP Certification Now

by Alley on September 14, 2012

Why We Need to Attend NRP Certification Online Course

Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certification or better known as NRP Certification is a special nursing course that has been arranged to teach nurses and assistants about the fundamental approach, basic theories and practical of resuscitation of any newborn baby. It is offered by several community hospitals once or twice every year according to the health requirements of the people. Only MD, Rt, Rn or PA can be the Neonatal Resuscitation instructors. The NRP course enhances the skills of neonatal resuscitation. After completion of the NRP guidelines, the individual is competent to perform the resuscitation of the new born babies because all of the preventions, causes and the management of even severe asphyxia of neonatal are explained to him during the course. The basic content of the course includes interactive multi-media and relevant instructional textbooks. NRP certification course generally consists of two basic parts. One of them is In-Class tests of various clinical skills during the test and the other one is online evaluation that you have to do before joining your classes.

NRP Certification Course Online – Now the individuals can also complete their NRP certification course online. The majority of health care professionals around the world are not well versed with the concept of basic NRP Certification online course. The NRP online course education institutions are also providing a 100% fully online fast NRP course program and the enrolled students are allowed to attend their classes anywhere. They can now join this program without terminating their jobs. They do not need to go away from their houses and by joining this online initial NRP certificate course they would be able to save a lot of money. It is fully accredited program by OMCRO and AEMAA.

Identification of the Need for NRP & Basic Requirements for NRP Certification

It is specifically designed for the individuals actively participating in neonatal resuscitation activities in the newborn nurseries and in delivery rooms. The training for NRP is given by the hospital-based instructors in large community hospitals. The NRP Certification course is conducted in a large number of community hospitals and institutions for improving the quality and standard of neonatal resuscitation. It is conducted to bring improvements in the conventional process and results of NRP. It brings betterment in the performance of the active staff who attends the births of new born babies and taking care of them after their birth. There are many other appropriate courses such as PEPP and PALS for the participants in resuscitation, but this is very useful and in-depth training course specifically for neonatal resuscitation. You would be able to access your daily lessons anywhere and anytime by joining online NRP certification program. You can access it from any computer in your email account. You do not need to go through any clinical skill test to get admission in this course because the nature of NHCPS is didactic. You also do not need additional training content to get through the online training course.

Registration & Important Features of NRP Certification Course

Basically this course has high demand in the health care field so the number of participants is limited. The registration is done on the basis of first come, first served. The individuals have to use the registration form of Northwestern Prenatal Center. The form for NRP certification can be submitted through email, fax or by mail to the Prenatal Center. No registration is done on telephone. Some people are getting admission in the course from their companies. If your company is paying the fees of your course, you have to indicate on registration form with the complete contact details of your employer. The deadline for NRP registration is only two weeks. You have to fill in the form and submit within two weeks. The course fee is only $245 if you are appearing in exams for the very first time. If you are re-certifying, you have to pay additional fee for it. The course consists of 9 CME credit hours. There is no skill test required to get admission in online NRP certification program. There is not any time limit for the test. You can take the NRP certificate test any time. If you are joining online certificate program in NRP, you would be able to have countless retakes in exams.

nrp certificationBefore Meeting Your Class, You should complete an online test that is called online evaluation. You have to review your textbooks related to Neonatal Resuscitation. Then, you have to create an account on the institution website to get lessons in your inbox. Every individual has 14 days to complete his online evaluation for NRP certification program. All of the instructors are advised to assist their students properly during and after the class. In short, this course can build and increase the proficiency of the staff assist in the hospital nurseries and in the delivery rooms. NRP certification is an international curriculum that has laid the base of skills and knowledge in the health care field.


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