Guide to Becoming a Registered Nurse (RN)

by Alley on January 15, 2013

Becoming a Registered Nurse

Majority of the professionals in the health care field are the registered nurses. Their 1st priority job is helping the doctors and the registered nurses are usually assisted by practical nurses and nursing assistants. Besides, they do have important tasks in hospitals and medical services. There are many benefits becoming a registered nurse although it has a lot of challenges. There are many ways to become nurses and many useful nursing degrees information can be found online now.

A Registered Nurse Job Description

A registered nurse once hired has a diversity of roles largely revolving around attending to all the requests from patients immediately and providing necessary care to them. You can find nurse at all sections of hospitals. The registered nurses work in teams, with each of the small the team has its specific tasks. It is potential for some registered nurses to handle jobs outside direct patient care.
Generally  a registered nurse jobs are:

1. Keep track the medical history of their patient

2. Record all the symptoms

3. Execute a systematic plan to take care the patients

4. Delegate some jobs to their practical nurses/nursing assistants

5. Give all the emotional support to patients and their families

The registered nurses that do not work for patients have a different type of roles, depending on which hospital department they are allocated in.

The Education Requirement of a Registered Nurse

Getting a registered nurse degree is the very first step for those who want to become a registered nurse at hospitals or health care facilities. You can inquire the education requirement from the institution that offers the nurse courses. Most of the nursing institution and university offer courses like Bachelor Science of Nursing, or the Associate Degree specialized in Nursing, or even the Diploma programs specialized in nursing. Most of students would like to be nurses prefer to attend and graduated from any Nursing associate degree courses as it can be completed within two years or less. With the associate degree, the graduates can immediately enroll to an entry level nurse position and continue pursue their bachelor’s degree while working.

In general, students who want to take up a registered nurse schools and university program should meet the prerequisite program courses. The prerequisites are some general subjects like English (if the course is conducted in English), statistics, physics while the biology, chemistry and psychology are usually listed as important subjects. They are important as the subjects are very much related to the nurse course. Those fails to meet the prerequisite, some schools will offer the students to sit some paper examinations which can help them measure the students’ readiness.

The actual a registered nurse course covers the studies like medical science, human anatomy and physiology, microbiology and pharmacology. But, the students also must to register to some other elective courses like languages, humanities or history, which are not direct related to nursing or medical sciences.

A Registered Nurse Must Attend the National Council License Examination

Completing a nursing degree does not promise you a registered nurse yet. The students have to register and pass the National Council License Examination. A registered nurse must understand well each of the state requirements while having his or her nursing profession practice. Some of the US states still need the incoming new nurses to fulfill the National Council License Examination requirement even if they have been certified the same level of national examination from another state in US. Anyway, National Council License Examination is an all-inclusive examination that measures what the nurse has learned from his or her university education and training. He or she cannot work as a registered nurse until he or she passed the test.

Working as a Registered Nurse

a registered nurseRegistered nurses do have decent, if not attractive, salaries. According to the recent labor statistics in the America, the median yearly income of American registered nurse salaries is nearly $70,000. About half of the nurses in US can easily earn between $65,000 and $85,000. However, the location and experience of a registered nurse will determine how much he or she can earn.



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