5 Important Facts You Should Know Before Attending ACLS Certification Training

by Alley on March 25, 2013

What Is Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS):

Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS is an immediate action given to patients who have suffered dangerous and critical health conditions. ACLS will provide immediate interruption to patients in order to help them survive until additional expert medical care can be offered. Cardiac arrest is one of the examples of critical conditions that need ACLS. Perhaps, it is one of the most risky conditions yet common incident happens among people. When a cardiac arrest happens on a patient, he or she needs immediate and rightful interference, if it is not, the patient will get exposed to higher risk including permanent health damages or losing his or her live. ACLS is not Basic Life Support (BLS) or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), but it is a combination and extension of both methods.

The fact is by applying ACLS is to make sure the patient’s life can be extended until proper expert medical care can be applied on him or her. Therefore, the methods used in ACLS are usually more complex than BLS and CPR. Then, who need the ACLS Certification? The certification is reserved for those want to save other life! But ACLS providers are required to learn and understand a lot more than CPR and BLS. The ACLS providers are required to provide good and right judgement during critical situation. They must know which ACLS method is the best way to alleviate the patient from his or her dangerous condition.

We need to make very important judgement when applying ACLS. Most of us are usually having difficulty to predict and understand what should be done or not to be done. The ACLS providers need to know how to manage & control the patient’s airway, how to start an IV access, read and understand the electrocardiograms, and must know how to apply the all the basic medication and pharmacology. Because of the high requirements, an ordinary person without strong medical knowledge will feel very challenging to follow the ACLS training and pass the certification. In fact, only those have some experiences with medical knowledge and health care are encouraged attending the ACLS certification courses.

How Can Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification Be Availed?

You need to attend ACLS training and pass the exam before attaining ACLS certification. A full complete course will take about 8 months or more and it is depending on the modules to be delivered. The usual ways of attending class room course is strongly recommended for students who have interest and enough time to devote to the same without interrupting any other importance tasks that need to be completed. But, most of the students who are attending ACLS training are working adults and occupied with other daily activities. Therefore, they can consider other better option like attending some online training classes. The online ACLS classes are usually are offered with full course materials and covered everything that is taught in classroom. The online ACLS classes are getting popular because of their flexibility and lower course fees. However, for some modules, the students have to attend the class room teaching method.

Again, ACLS courses are very unlike other BLS or CPR courses where almost everyone can take the trainings. Alternative for those without medical knowledge can attend and pass the BLS and CPR courses before getting ACLS certification, as ACLS does call for detailed understanding and hands-on of BLS and CPR.

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