Do You Need BCLS Certification?

by Alley on November 24, 2013

Why You need a BCLS Certification?

BCLS certification is often needed as a job requirement. But, what is BCLS certification? BCLS Certification stands for Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification, and it is a class that many healthcare providers have taken. Common participants in a BCLS class are paramedics, EMTs, doctors and nurses. But other participants can be regular people that wanted more knowledge than a CPR course offers. This course is designed to prepare the participant for illnesses that they might encounter while working, or even while not working.

bcls certificationThese classes are usually a combination of book work and hands-on skill stations. This training combination allows the participant to understand the physiology of what is happening and also to learn how to treat what they see. At the end of the class, participants are required to pass an exam to receive BCLS certification. The exam is usually both written and hands-on. The certification usually will expire in one or two years. These classes usually take place in one or two days, depending on whether the class is for initial certification or renewal. Classes can usually be found at colleges, rescue squads or hospitals. It is often helpful to attend the class with the people that work together. This way everyone can learn how to work together and the treatment process gets streamlined.

Depending on the job, sometimes the BCLS certification needs to be maintained in order to remain employed. The renewal course is usually a shorter course, and can usually be found where the initial course was offered. Some areas will require the entire class to be completed and not a renewal course. It is important to know what is needed to remain certified. As with the initial course, an exam is required at the end. This exam will include the written portion and a hands-on portion.

What is the purpose of BCLS Certification?

The primary purpose of this class is to prepare the participant for a patient experiencing a cardiac emergency. A cardiac event may happen at any time, and when it does time matters. Heart tissue can be damaged in a matter of minutes, so proper treatment is extremely important. The cardiac event needs to be recognized and treated correctly as quickly as possible.

The BCLS class is considered training above CPR and below ACLS, or advanced cardiac life support. In Advanced Cardiac Life Support more invasive procedures are learned, including the use of medications and more advanced equipment. This class is designed for paramedics, nurses and doctors that will treat or transport patients with cardiac issues. For the average person, CPR and BCLS will be all the training that they should need. By combining CPR and BCLS, the average person should be ready to recognize and properly treat cardiac events that they might experience. The participant will know how to utilize an AED when needed, and will understand that immediate treatment will save heart tissue. The participants in BCLS classes can be anyone, which is good because no one can predict when or where or who will experience a cardiac event. Besides, if you can’t attend BCLS certification training classes physically , you can try to attend BCLS online certification courses.

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