Why Is CPR Renewal Important Now?

by Alley on November 29, 2013

CPR Renewal is Important

Often times being certified in CPR is a requirement for employment. There are many places, not just healthcare related facilities, that are having their employees become certified as a condition of employment. Schools, childcare facilities and even some manufacturing plants are recognizing that learning CPR is a valuable skill. No one can predict when a person will experience a cardiac event. The more people that are trained, the better the possible outcome will be for the person.

Unfortunately, some people receive the initial training and forget about the CPR renewal. This can be partly attributed to the fact that while certification can be a condition of being hired, continued certification is not required to maintain employment. This is especially true in places cpr renewalthat are not healthcare facilities. These non-medical based places sometimes do not have anyone overseeing CPR expiration dates. The employee might not even remember when they took their initial class, or know when or where they can attend a renewal class.

One way to help increase CPR renewal rates is to offer the classes at the place of employment. The CPR renewal classes are shorter than the original class. Employers should make the renewal classes a yearly mandatory event. By having the classes offered yearly, everyone will have a chance to get on the same schedule. If the classes are offered at the job-site, then no one can complain that they are having to travel too far to attend. It is often very easy to find CPR instructors that are willing to travel to your location to teach classes.

Where to find the CPR renewal classes?

Another way to increase the renewal rates is to pay for the employee to attend the class. The class can either be scheduled into the employee’s normal work week, or offered with overtime pay. No one wants to return to work on their day off to attend a class. This would also help the company to maintain current records since the class time would be part of their payroll records. This would also help with employees all requesting the same time off to attend the class.

CPR can save lives, and while the general procedure stays the same, there are times when the guidelines change due to extensive research. CPR renewal classes or CPR renewal online classes are one way to get the new information out to the public. The class will also allow the participant a chance to practice on training mannequins. This practice is invaluable since most people do not get a chance to perform CPR on a regular basis. The class will allow the participant the chance to receive direct instruction on the correct techniques.

While initial CPR training is wonderful, periodic renewals are extremely important as well. These renewal classes allow for any updates to be presented and for practice. Both of these are necessary to perform CPR effectively. Research has shown that the quicker treatment is started following a cardiac event, the better the chance of survival. AEDs are being placed in more and more locations. Many schools, airports and shopping centers are already equipped. In order to use these devices correctly, proper training is mandatory. Get your CPR certification or CPR renewal American Heart Association

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