Why Healthcare Provider CPR Is Becoming Important?

by Alley on November 9, 2013

Healthcare Provider CPR is Becoming Mandatory

There are often many requirements for working in a healthcare facility.  One of the most common requirements is healthcare provider CPR.  This requirement is usually required for patient safety and state licensing.  Healthcare provider CPR is often required of all employees, even those that do not have direct patient contact.  These employees might be janitors, receptionists or cooks.  While these employees may not have direct patient contact, they are still employed by the same healthcare facility.  It is much easier to have requirements for all employees than different categories. Even though these employees are not direct patient care givers, there is still the chance that they may be in the area when CPR is being performed.  Often times CPR is a prolonged endeavor, requiring multiple changes and rotations through the different components.  Chest compressions are especially tiring.  These other employees, if properly trained in healthcare provider CPR, can prove to be valuable assets.

healthcare provider cprHowever, the healthcare facility would open themselves up to lawsuits if they allowed untrained personnel to perform medical procedures.  Since the healthcare provider CPR classes are not very long and are easily taught, they are becoming more and more common in these settings.  Most CPR classes can be taught in one day. Many healthcare facilities have CPR instructors already on their staff.  By purchasing the required training materials, the facility is able to do their training in-house.  There is an upfront cost in purchasing these materials, but the money is well spent when employees are not being sent elsewhere for training.  Classes can also be scheduled into the employees scheduled work-time, resulting in a decrease in overtime costs.

These instructors can also teach classes in basic CPR to people in the community.  This is a good way of creating revenue for the facility.  The classes can also be used to promote community outreach.  Many different groups are usually interested in CPR training for their members.  Possible groups to train would be scouting groups, little league coaches or even gardening groups.  CPR is truly a skill that everyone should know.

How to select the right healthcare provide CPR?

There are slight differences between healthcare provider CPR and CPR for the layperson, but the general guidelines are the same.  There are more and more places that are equipping themselves with AEDs.  AEDs can be found in schools, airports and malls.  While these units are great, they are much more beneficial if the operator has had the proper training.

Once a person has received their initial CPR training, then they will need to maintain it through refresher courses.  These courses are not as long as the original.  Their main purpose is to provide updates on any changes and to allow the participant a chance to practice.  Practice is important, since for most people, performing CPR is not a skill that they will perform regularly.  The classes are usually scheduled on a regular basis.  If offered as part of the employment requirements, then the same people may be in the initial class and the refresher classes. You should attend all the classes before taking any healthcare provider CPR test and healthcare provider CPR renewal test!

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